Kim Hatchett, a former Olympic track and field hopeful in the 80s, works in private wealth management and sits on the board of numerous organizations and foundations.  Her true passion is empowering women and girls. Kim is on the Board of the Lower Eastside Girls Club and the New York City Police Foundation and a former advisory board member of the Palliative Care Unit at Mount Sinai. Kim also has a 15 year old daughter and as she points out, that is a full time job! 

Passing on the lessons she has learned from her parents and her life experiences is of the utmost importance to Kim.  Her tales have been shared in two recent publications.

What I Told My Daughter


Hustle Believe Receive




On balancing living in 3 different localeS: NYC, Bridgehampton on Long Island, and a newly purchased boat:

Each place offers a different bucket of peacefulness. I love the hustle and bustle of the city. And the contrast of going from New York life to being in the middle of the ocean when it’s just your family is night and day. Sometimes when I’m on the boat too long or if I’m in the house in the Hamptons too long I start to panic because I feel like I am not getting stuff done. The wonderful thing about the city is we have this outdoor space. We have a garden out there. If I feel that I'm in the city and there’s just a lot going on, I'll come home, I'll get in the bathtub, have a glass of wine and then go upstairs and be in the nature in the city.


Chateau d'Esclans Whispering Angel Rose 2016


On her work

I love to help people and for me, as a private wealth manager, I am helping people maintain and preserve their wealth and financial freedom. I love my job because I truly believe that it’s not about the money but it’s about making my clients feel safe, and educating them so they feel they have power.



On her style approach at home

Everything for me is about comfort. I come home from work and the first thing I do is get in the bathtub—I love a lavender bath oil, candles and a fabulously soothing Inner Peace spray that I am addicted to.  I turn on the super easy and calming electric fireplace in my bedroom, throw on a pair of sweat pants, a t-shirt and great fuzzy slippers and serenity is born. My style at home is very different than my style at work. I’m adding a little Zen into my home style—the Buddhas are starting to appear. I have meditation pillows to put down and to relax.

lavender bath oil

Inner Peace spray



Nespresso Maker


On her personal style:

I’m traditional but with a little bit of edge. As I get older I always say to myself, “I have to stay current.” I think less is more but I don’t practice what I preach. When I do purge and get rid of things, I feel my brain is less cluttered. I would be happy to clean out my closet because I only wear probably 5 dresses despite having a full closet

On her morning routine in the city:

I get up, say hello to the dogs ( Cane Corso & Old English Bulldogge) and go right to my Nespresso machine to make my double (I love all the dark roasts).  I read the paper, watch the news and drink my coffee.



On cooking in her open kitchen in her Bridgehampton house:

My friends come and I say, “Let’s all cook.” We go to a farm stand, buy all organic fresh vegetables, and everybody comes back and cooks their favorite dish and we sit down and have a meal. It’s my favorite thing to do. The Cuisinart is my favorite kitchen item out there, to make sauces and soups.



On books:

I love James Patterson books, can’t put them down.

And a book that changed my life is Jane Fonda’s “My Life So Far”.

“My Life So Far”.


Favorite recent gift she gave:

For my husband’s birthday, I bought 20 of these Turkish beach towels in every color for the boat. They’re not bulky or heavy.

Turkish Beach Towels

Best thing she purchased for herself recently:

I’m a big pajama person. I bought great linen pajamas in Italy.

Linen Pajamas



If you’re invited to her home or her boat, you should bring:

Your favorite bottle of wine to make sure Kim has just what you want! Her favorite? Whispering Angel Rose’.


On her greatest accomplishment:

My 15-year old daughter--watching her grow and become a kind person is awesome.


Best advice her mother ever gave her:

To run as fast as I can and always “be in the front of the line”.






Hair Straightener


Nespresso Dark Pods


Food Processor




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