A published writer and filmmaker, Aeden has worked in education and advertising for over a decade. By day, Aeden serves as a Strategist for the top advertising firm TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, creating campaigns for the largest global brands. By night, Aeden is pursuing a jazz career that she honed at Duke University. Her book, Harvard to Homeless, has also led to a personal finance education initiative at her ivy-league alma mater.

Aeden strives to bring change in communities across the country through all of her creative endeavors, and uses every spare minute to create. That is why her home style is crucial; it must serve as both an inspiring and functional place for optimal productivity. 






On Personal Style:

I’m always creating. When you walk into my place, you see my work, my art. My place has an erudite feel - more workspace than home. My home is relaxing but is also set up for productivity. Living in New York City has taught me to maximize every inch of space. Even though I live in LA now, I still apply those principles here. I have an easel that was made for kids and it has a big roll of paper on it. I draw my brainstorms on there. And put them up all over the dining room. 



On a Recent Purchase:

My biggest purchase this year was my dining room table. Being an artist can be isolating, so I decided to make a purchase that would inspire me to be more social. Now I am having more dinner parties and inviting my band over for group brainstorms. This purchase was an intentional one - it is forcing me to be more extroverted, which is helping in my art. It’s amazing how one purchase can change your perspective. 


Actual book or e-book?

Real books. I do stockpile books like crazy too. When I’m down, I’ll just go to a bookstore and buy a bunch of books or a new journal. Needless to say I have a lot of books.

And the journal collection has definitely built up over time. I probably have over 20 journals that I’ve kept from when I was 5 years old until now. I always have all of them laying about. It’s actually nice to see bits from the past around.



Drawing Easel With Paper Roll


Crosley Record Player


On Collecting:

I keep lot of my magazines and use them for inspiration or mood boards. I’ve got a laundry room/darkroom where I have tons of magazine cutouts on the wall. Looks a bit crazy, but I love it.  I collect a lot of records too. Old records. I never really want to spend more than a dollar on them. I have moved back and forth from New York twice, and when I have to go through my things and figure out what to take and what to keep, records have always come with me. Books I sometimes leave but records always come.

Her Outlet:

When I’m not creating, I’m watching the only show that matters. That would be Seinfeld, of course.





Things In My Home That Make Me Happy


Magic Bullet

When I’m busy, I need quick meals. Smoothies are perfect for that.


My Teddy Bear

I used to collect teddy bears and stickers as a kid. I have a big white one that my mother gave to me when I was 7. I’ve brought that thing everywhere I’ve ever lived. 

Moleskine notebooks

I’m addicted. I like that they’re thin, they’re college-ruled. I own at least 20 black Moleskines.

My camera

Canon xA-1. My first film camera. It’s kind of finicky but it’s mine. It’s what I shot all the films I’ve made on. I don’t ever want to give that camera up even if it breaks. And it does break a lot. But that’s okay.

Mrs. Meyer's

Love the smell of this. Geranium is my favorite. 

Wurlitzer piano

This one makes me sound like such a hipster. My dad bought this for me to first learn to play piano on. My brother and I fight over it all the time. I’ll probably never let it go though.  



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