About Style Simple


What are the things you cannot live without?

That is the essential question that Style Simple asks of authentic, engaged humans who believe in making the world a simpler, more wonderful place.

We close our eyes and imagine sitting on a cozy couch getting to know a new friend and in that process, we also learn about the things that make them happy in life. We are curious about how your space reflects your style. What makes your days easier, your meals more delicious, your home more inviting, and your bedroom more of a haven?  

At Style Simple, we’re excited to create an online community of eclectic and interesting people who through thoughtful living have created the most meaning, joy and fun. Come meet these savvy people and learn more about experiencing a Style Simple life. The passion that has always driven our ventures is our desire to connect to people and learn what makes their lives more beautiful and fulfilling.  

Our first business, PlumParty.com, allowed us to help our customers bring their friends and family together to celebrate life – big and small.  Style Simple does the same thing. 

We look forward to hearing your story.

Risa & Melinda